Payment Options

In addition to cash and checks, we found the need to add credit cards to our payment options for our customers. We have contracted with Intuit (creators of QuickBooks) to be able to accept credit cards.  Intuit provided us with a credit card reader that attaches to the smart phone, and sends the encrypted information for processing.  Be assured your information is safe.  After your card is swiped and approved, the information is not saved in our phones. Feel free to call or email if you have questions!

Here’s a link if you’d like to read more:

ACredit card logos

Also, starting April 1, 2014 (see previous blog post about it), we have initiated an $8 trip charge per service call to help cover the rising costs of gasoline, business and car insurance, and just the overall cost of doing business!  Will be glad to answer any questions if you want to call.

Update Feb. 17th, 2017: It’s been almost three years without an increase in the trip charge. But as always, expenses are on the rise and we must keep up with the times. Though we charge much less per service call than many competitors, there is a need to raise it. So starting April 1, 2017, the new trip charge will be $12 per service call.

Many jobs are small enough to charge by the hour, and the hourly rate depends on what kind of work.  Specialty work may cost a bit more, and other easier handyman services will cost less.  Though some jobs we can give an estimate as to what the overall cost will be and that’s the price you will pay (except in special circumstances).  Call or email for more information, and thanks for supporting a family owned Wichita area small business — not a chain or franchise.


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